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A lot goes into buying an aircraft, and having expert advice and technical support during that process is a must. Here at JLM Aviation, we have many aircraft for sale, and we are confident that we have the one for you. Still, if you are looking for a specific aircraft, we can also help you find a tour dream airplane or helicopter for personal use or your company.

Many used airplane buyers are blindsided by maintenance defects, unexpected paperwork, and unanticipated expenses. Even “experienced” buyers fall prey to such nasty surprises! Before

you “hand prop” the used airplane purchase process, it pays to become skilled and well-versed in the six steps of the used aircraft purchase process. Whenever and wherever possible, solicit objective 3rd party advice from experts in the field. This alone can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

How Will You Use Your Plane? – Business vs. pleasure, long hauls vs. short hops, a typical number of passengers, pavement only vs. occasional grass strip, hours on airframe and engine(s), horsepower, type and age of avionics, interior and paint condition. Sit down with a notepad and a refreshing beverage before you start looking and seriously consider these items. For example, your heart may be set on a turbocharged plane. But it makes little sense to buy one when most of your flights are too short of taking advantage of the higher altitude benefits a turbo affords.

Many Choices – High wing vs. low wing, retract vs. fixed, conventional vs. tri-cycle, single vs. twin, turbo vs. normally aspirated, etc. These are all critical considerations. Each of the choices you evaluate will have its positives and negatives. You need to be clear about your objectives before you begin because there will always be conditions, situations, and opportunities that distract and even confuse you as you execute the search/evaluation process. The clearer you are, the more focused you will be when evaluating a potential purchase. This is important because the emotional “gotta have this one” demon lurks and can cloud your judgment.

Fix-Up Costs – What will you do to make the plane “your own?” From avionics to paint, from interior to engine mods to airframe enhancements … how much will it cost to get your new plane into the condition you are looking for? Know these numbers in advance.

Operating Costs – The True Cost of Ownership is determined by all the factors that go into owning an aircraft, not just fuel. There are free cost evaluation formulas available on the internet. Some of them are very comprehensive and are spreadsheets into which you plug your numbers. Find a good one and use it.

Insurance – One of the most significant and often underestimated expenses in owning a plane (or upgrading to a different one) is the insurance “sticker shock.” Don’t fall into the “teenager” mentality of thinking you only need to budget for tires, oil, gas, and registration. This can be one big Gotcha!

Financing Costs, Storage, Fuel, and Fees – round out the “before you begin looking” items. Investigate each of these thoroughly because you can easily spend more than needed. For example,
many plane owners register their planes in Delaware simply because the annual costs are hundreds of dollars cheaper than registering a plane in their home state!

At JLM Aviation, we will ensure you have the best experience acquiring your first or next aircraft of any model, make, and year. Our competent staff is very knowledgeable and will help you select the perfect craft to satisfy your needs or your company’s demands.

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